Hi there!

You’re about to embark on a (brief) journey of self-discovery — doesn’t that make you feel better than “fill out a contact form”?

Here’s how this works: I’ll ask you a few questions, then you answer them honestly and in as much detail as possible. Deal?
I’m in — let’s get started!
I’m available for select photographic commissions, creative direction, UI/UX design, brand/identity design and strategy, and speaking engagements — I choose my clients and projects carefully, so please share as much detail as possible and let me know why you feel we would work well together.”

Hi, I’m Dan. And you are? *

My inbox is always full (isn’t everyone's?) so the more information you can give me about why we should work/play/get together — and why it will be fun/exciting/challenging/rewarding/life-changing — the more likely I’ll be to reply quickly. *

If you don’t pique my interest here, chances are I’ll put off replying because I hate telling people “no” — or I’ll just hit Delete and be done with you (but you'll have to be really boring for that).
Have you proofread what you just wrote? We all hate typos and mispellings — don’t let auto-correct ruin your day! *

These aren’t really legal terms, I’d just prefer to use this approach than any other sort of silly method to prove you’re human (or at least a relatively advanced form of artificial intelligence).
Thanks for your note, you’ll hear from me soon :)

— Dan
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